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Facing the challenges of drug addiction can feel overwhelming, but you are not alone. At Revive Counseling, we provide accessible drug treatment programs tailored to your personal journey towards healing.

Discover your path to wellness with us.

Our Approach to Drug Treatment

We offer individual, group, and family therapy, along with holistic treatment options and evidence-based practices. Our approach is tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual in their journey towards recovery.

Individual therapy

In individual therapy sessions at our treatment center, you’ll find a safe and private space to tackle personal struggles with substance abuse. These one-on-one meetings pair you with licensed therapists who use proven methods designed just for your situation.

They help you build skills to manage tough moments and pinpoint the things that make drug use tempting. Your therapist will be right there with you, taking on mental health issues that might show up alongside addiction.

As you work toward recovery in Spokane WA, one-to-one counseling is a key part of the process because it encourages growth and self-knowledge. This kind of therapy gives you the privacy to deal with delicate matters at your own speed.

Choosing to include individual counseling in your drug treatment plan puts down solid groundwork for staying sober over time and helps prevent slipping back into old habits.

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Group therapy

Group therapy offers a unique chance for people battling substance abuse to connect with peers who share their struggles. In these meetings, you’ll find support and gain insights guided by an experienced therapist.


Sharing stories and coping methods can help participants feel less alone on their path to recovery.

This type of therapy is incredibly valuable because it draws on the collective wisdom and support of others who truly understand the fight against addiction. It’s not just about talking; it’s about growing together in a welcoming environment that builds trust and promotes healing.

Group therapy helps you navigate your road to recovery with others, forging a community bond that reinforces your determination to stay sober.

Family therapy

Family therapy recognizes that addiction impacts not just one person but their entire circle of loved ones. When the whole family gets involved in treatment, it helps rebuild trust and creates a supportive home environment that’s essential for recovery.


Together, family members learn about substance abuse and its treatments, open up communication channels, and develop a united front to tackle healing.

Tackling challenges together strengthens families to disrupt harmful patterns associated with drug use. Therapy sessions arm them with conflict resolution skills and coping strategies that cater to every individual within the household.

Understanding how addiction medicine works and the ways behavioral health agencies offer mental health support turns families into informed advocates for their member’s path to sobriety.

With guidance from skilled therapists during collaborative efforts, families can evolve into pillars of support that are crucial for making positive changes stick.

Holistic treatment options

At our facility, we offer a holistic approach to treating substance use disorders. Our programs focus on the mind, body, and spirit and emphasize overall well-being. We provide complementary therapies such as yoga, meditation, art therapy, and nutritional counseling to promote healing from within.

These evidence-based modalities are designed to work alongside traditional treatments for a more holistic path to recovery.

Our holistic approach aligns with recent efforts by Spokane County’s Addictions, Drug & Alcohol Institute to enhance behavioral health services focused on recovery. As part of this commitment to comprehensive care, we integrate alternative therapies into our treatment plans for substance abuse.

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Evidence-based practices

Located in Spokane, WA, our counseling center utilizes evidence-based practices in its drug treatment programs. Our approach is grounded in proven methods with positive outcomes for individuals facing substance use disorders.

These scientifically-backed practices have been carefully selected based on extensive research to ensure effective treatment for clients.
The center implements evidence-based therapies and interventions that have demonstrated successful results in treating addiction.

Benefits of Seeking Professional Help

Our personalized treatment plans are tailored to each individual’s unique needs, providing the most effective pathway to recovery. Our experienced and compassionate staff offer support for co-occurring disorders, ensuring comprehensive care for our clients.

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Personalized treatment plans

Crafting a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs and circumstances is crucial in addressing substance use disorders. This personalized approach ensures that the interventions and therapies offered are aligned with your individual goals, preferences, and challenges.


By integrating evidence-based practices with holistic treatment options, our experienced staff at Revive Counseling will work with you to create a comprehensive plan designed to support your unique journey towards recovery.
Our focus on personalized treatment plans not only reflects our commitment to meeting your individual needs but also maximizes the potential for successful outcomes.


Moreover, by providing ongoing assessment and adjustment of your treatment plan as needed, we ensure that you receive the most effective care throughout the recovery process. The fundamental goal of personalized treatment plans is to empower individuals like you to attain sustainable sobriety while addressing co-occurring disorders if present.

Revive Experienced and compassionate staff

Experienced and compassionate staff

Our highly experienced and compassionate staff members at Revive Counseling are committed to providing the support and understanding needed for your recovery journey. With licensed professionals, including clinical psychologists and public health experts, we offer a safe environment where you can feel comfortable sharing your struggles and receiving personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs.

Our team understands the complexities of substance use disorders and is dedicated to offering continued support with evidence-based practices. We strive to create a supportive atmosphere where you can feel confident in seeking help for co-occurring disorders while receiving holistic treatment options that address all aspects of your well-being.

Support for co-occurring disorders

Comprehensive support is offered for co-occurring disorders, addressing both substance use and mental health issues. Our experienced staff provides integrated treatment plans tailored to the unique needs of individuals facing dual diagnoses.


We utilize evidence-based practices and personalized care to ensure a holistic approach to recovery, promoting long-term success in managing both conditions. Additionally, our program offers continued support and aftercare to help individuals maintain their progress beyond the initial treatment phase.

Specialized services are available for individuals with co-occurring disorders, addressing both substance abuse and mental health challenges simultaneously. Our compassionate team understands the complexities of dual diagnoses and is dedicated to providing effective support tailored to each person’s specific situation.

Continued support and aftercare

Ongoing support and aftercare are provided to ensure that individuals have the tools and resources needed for a successful recovery journey. The experienced and compassionate staff is dedicated to helping maintain progress even after completing the initial treatment.


Personalized treatment plans address co-occurring disorders, providing a comprehensive approach to recovery. Clinical psychologists at Spokane County’s Addictions, Drug & Alcohol Institute aim to provide timely access to recovery-focused behavioral health services in order to help individuals overcome substance addiction challenges through continued support and aftercare throughout the healing process.


Why Choose Us?

We have licensed and caring professionals who provide a person-centered approach to treatment, ensuring confidentiality and successful outcomes in a convenient location in Spokane, WA.

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Licensed and caring professionals

Our team of licensed professionals is dedicated to providing personalized drug treatment services in Spokane, WA. Each member brings a wealth of experience and expertise in substance use disorder treatment, ensuring that you receive the highest quality care tailored to your individual needs.

Our caring professionals are committed to supporting you every step of the way on your journey toward recovery.


With a focus on evidence-based practices and a person-centered approach, our experienced team offers support for co-occurring disorders while creating personalized treatment plans designed to promote successful outcomes.

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Person-centered approach

At Revive Counseling, our approach is centered around you as an individual. We prioritize your unique needs and preferences to tailor a treatment plan that best supports your journey to recovery.


Our experienced and compassionate staff will work closely with you, ensuring that your voice is heard and respected every step of the way. Through our person-centered approach, we aim to empower you to take an active role in your recovery process, promoting a sense of autonomy and self-determination.


This personalized approach extends beyond therapy sessions, guiding every aspect of our care – from group activities to holistic treatment options. With a focus on building a strong therapeutic alliance with each client, we strive to create a safe and nurturing environment where you can explore your strengths while receiving evidence-based practices tailored specifically for you.

Confidentiality and safe environment

Confidentiality and safety are top priorities at our drug treatment center in Spokane, WA. Our licensed professionals create personalized treatment plans that respect your privacy.

The secure and private setting allows you to focus on recovery with peace of mind, knowing that your information remains confidential.

As the issue of illicit drugs continues to affect Spokane County, maintaining a safe and confidential environment is crucial. We understand the need for a supportive space where individuals can start their healing process without fear of judgment or breaches in confidentiality.

Successful outcomes

Drug treatment programs in Spokane, WA have a proven track record of successful outcomes, helping individuals achieve lasting recovery and improved overall well-being. Evidence-based practices and personalized treatment plans have supported many people in overcoming substance use disorders and achieving their goals for a healthier future.


Patients who seek professional help from these facilities benefit from the expertise of licensed and caring professionals. Continued support and aftercare ensure that individuals receive the necessary resources to maintain their progress beyond the initial treatment phase.


A holistic approach addresses not only the addiction itself but also co-occurring disorders, offering a comprehensive solution for those seeking recovery from substance abuse issues in Spokane, WA.

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Convenient location in Spokane, WA

Located conveniently in Spokane, WA, individuals seeking drug treatment can easily access support. The Addictions, Drug & Alcohol Institute in Spokane County is committed to enhancing substance use disorder treatment services by offering timely access to recovery-focused behavioral health services.

Surprising addiction statistics in the area underscore the necessity for effective drug treatment programs. With its central location and accessible services, Revive Counseling stands ready to serve those needing support and recovery from substance abuse issues.

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Contact Revive Counseling for comprehensive drug treatment options in Spokane, WA. Our experienced and compassionate staff are dedicated to supporting your healing journey. Call us today to begin your personalized path towards recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Spokane WA, you can find various drug treatment options including rehab centers, intensive outpatient programs, and mental health counseling to help with substance abuse treatment.

Yes, the Royal Life Centers and Revive Counseling offer comprehensive recovery support through different intensive outpatient programs for those struggling with addiction in Spokane.

Many treatment centers in Spokane, including Revive Counseling, provide both substance abuse treatment and mental health services to address all aspects of recovery from addiction.

Spokane Falls Recovery Center and Revive Counseling offer a private and convenient solution for individuals seeking personalized drug rehab services within the community.

Most rehab centers work with the Mental Health Services Administration guidelines which often allows them to accept insurance that typically covers substance abuse treatment.