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Our Revive Family of Organizations are committed to addressing and dismantling systemic racism and all other forms of oppression wherever possible. We are dedicated to educating ourselves, our clients, community and our partners on understanding structural, historical and internalized oppression. We are committed to using race-equity, anti-oppression lenses and anti-racist perspectives in all we do. We understand that much of our legal, criminal justice and carceral systems reinforce racialized structures, normalize racial segregation, and perpetuate oppressive, de-humanizing outcomes.


We believe in no more conversations or decisions about us without us, and are dedicated to approaching all our work from restorative yet accountable perspectives. We strive to create and deliver systems, programs and supports that accomplish and sustain equity, true justice and healthy, empowered connections through proactive and preventative measures, research, evidence-based practices, policies and procedures, and persistent, sustained action.

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Revive Counseling is a licensed behavioral  health agency that provides person-centered services that support individuals and families to heal from traumas, overcome barriers and uncover their own strengths and resiliencies through the recovery process.  We work collaboratively with our clients to address foundational needs such as stable housing and long-term employment, as well as provide individualized counseling services that focus on healing from the impact of trauma, grief and loss, oppression, addiction and unhealthy relationships. Our services also include processing groups, skills classes, advocacy, care coordination and transitional housing.


We welcome individuals, families, youth, and children that are facing behavioral health challenges in Northeast Washington.

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It takes courage to reach out to others once you’ve decided you’re ready for a change. It is difficult to tell the story of what is happening or has happened to you. Revive is here to normalize your experience and ensure you there is hope. Our peer support is the hallmark of our services.  Our peers have lived experience with addiction recovery, incarceration and reentry, family separation and reunification, childhood abuse and neglect and intimate partner violence. Whatever it is you or your family are experiencing, you are not alone.  We want to support you to transform shame and fear into empowerment and resiliency. Do not hesitate to call us today.




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