Revive Counseling Spokane

FCS Supportive Housing Services

Foundational Community Supports (FCS) Supportive Housing Services are available to Medicaid recipients who have struggled with mental health and/or addiction, currently or in their past who are looking for support to navigate, obtain and sustain permanent housing.

Homelessness is a major social issue that’s strongly associated with mental illness, addiction and other barriers such as having a criminal record. Housing has been recognized as an important social determinant of health. For those struggling with mental health and addiction issues, supportive housing is particularly necessary to support and maintain recovery. It can be difficult to navigate the complicated Spokane housing network without knowing where to start. Our FCS Housing Specialists know the landlords and property managers who are willing to work with particular barriers, as well as the resources and funding sources to help you get started in your journey towards housing stability.

At Revive Counseling Spokane, we know that supportive housing could be the difference between a home and homelessness or (re)incarceration. Our team of specialists helps with the following supports:

  • Transitioning out of jail or prison into our community
  • Connecting you with options for housing vouchers, subsidies, and transitional settings as you work towards finding your own home
  • Rebuilding your credit and/or eviction history to support your ability to become an eligible renter
  • Connecting you with landlords who are willing to rent to people with criminal histories and other barriers
  • Advocating to landlords with you and on your behalf
  • Supporting you to sustain tenancy by knowing your rights as a renter
  • Navigating systems of care to support your recovery and wellness
  • Identifying and overcoming barriers to reentry, including clearing legal history, driver’s relicensing, support to reduce or remit your LFOs or child support costs
  • Applying for ABD, SSI and/or SSDI benefits