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How it works

Peer Support

Supporting mental health and recovery  is about more than just connecting to clinical providers. Revive Spokane’s peer support specialists have lived experience with overcoming adversity related to mental illness, addiction, incarceration, homelessness and trauma. Working with someone who has walked a mile in your shoes and understands the hurdles, stressors and even shame of telling your story can be an incredibly powerful way of actualizing your resiliencies in recovery.  It’s not easy to reach out and ask for help, especially when you fear that a “professional” may not truly understand. Our peers help you to feel safe, encouraged, understood and empowered as you restore your hope that life can get better.  Recovery is not just possible; it’s probable.   Our peers are here to support you by providing emotional support and advocacy with difficult meetings or events such as court hearings or medical appointments.  Peers can help you learn skills to calm anxiety, increase physical activity, manage finances, get involved in more social groups or find housing and employment opportunities.

Revive also offers peer-led support groups and classes. These sessions foster community and provide safe spaces to discuss recovery. 


Peer Support

If you are interested in working with one of our peer support specialists, but don’t quite feel ready to start a therapeutic process with a clinician, please contact us and call to request to start working with the peer of your choice.