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Transitional Housing

Revive Reentry Services, LLC transitional housing program was established in 2015 by three formerly incarcerated community members who wanted to help others get through the sometimes grueling and often intimidating process of reentry.  The owners walked the same path just a short time ago and understood those feelings of uncertainty, trepidation and loneliness.  While incarcerated and preparing for release, people often ask themselves: How will I do? What kind of help is out there? How do I make sure I don’t go back?   Revive Reentry’s transitional housing is available to individuals who are transitioning to the Spokane community from prisons or jails, have housing barriers due to past criminal records or are looking for an opportunity to start fresh in a safe place to grow in their recovery.  Revive Reentry’s staff have lived experience with the reentry process and work in partnership with Revive Counseling’s FCS and Peer Support Specialists to support individuals with their personal goals for successful community integration and to navigate available resources and opportunities.   

Please contact our Intake Coordinator, Phyllis Tatsey at (509) 319-1068 or you can email us questions about bed availability at

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