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Anna Elizabeth Johnson

Hello, I am Anna. As a mom, mental health professional, and disabled individual, I know how difficult the world and life can be and how hard it can be to ask for help. I see counseling as coming beside a person and assisting them to best help themselves. Counseling should be a partnership where the person is open, determined and willing to work and the clinician, in collaboration with them, directs the ship and supports them with the tools they need. Are you having a tough time with anxiety? Has your past held you back from your goals? Do feel lost trying to fill your life with “stuff” that never seems to help? Change is possible.
I am currently working to be certified in EMDR. I am practiced in CBT, DBT, solution focused, and mindfulness-based therapies. My focus areas are trauma and addiction counseling but the therapy and therapeutic modality I use is chosen collaboratively with you. I am an attentive listening ear and I believe your ability to heal.
Don’t hesitate. Asking for help is a difficult step, but once begun, you’ll be on a forward path. Contact me via email or by phone to set up your initial consultation today. I accept most in and out of network insurances as well as cash. Let’s start your journey of healing together!
Counselor, LMHC, EMDR Anna Elizabeth Johnson
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