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Foundational Community Supports

Supported Employment Services

Foundational Community Supports (FCS) Supported Employment Services are available to Medicaid recipients who have struggled with mental health and/or addiction, currently or in their past who are looking for support to get back into the workforce, start a new career or seek out educational opportunities.  


Work is critical to realizing dignity, finding purpose and maintaining progress in life. Unfortunately, far too many people face discrimination when it comes to employment opportunities due to mental health, addiction or having a criminal history. People who are striving to recover from their past often apply for jobs or attend interviews expecting a positive response only to receive the opposite. Our FCS Employment Specialists at Revive can help you overcome these challenges.  We work with you to acquire and maintain a career in your desired field.

Our Reentry Employment Services Offer Help

  • Working with our Employment Specialists to explore career opportunities and connect you with employers who hire people with barriers, disabilities, or are in recovery
  • Assisting you with resume development and the application process
  • Helping prepare you to talk about your criminal history, addiction history or mental health in job interviews
  • Advocacy for needed reasonable accommodations
  • Support with transportation to job interviews and work if needed
  • Obtaining interview and work clothing, boots and other necessities
  • Assisting you to sustain employment with job coaching, on-the-job support, education and training
  • Negotiations with employers to work around other current obligations such as treatment or probation
  • Enrolling in GED programs or higher education
  • Managing your SS/DI benefits so you will not lose them when you work